• Vibration Damper

The vibration damper for the wind generators i-500- L-500 and i-700 to i-2000 reduces the transmission of structure-borne noise from the wind generator into the mast and thus into the house. Retrofitting is very easy, since the structure-borne sound absorber has the same dimensions as the wind generator, it only has to be inserted in between and screwed to the mast and the wind generator with suitable screws.

The vibration damper is compatible with our original IstaBreezeĀ® masts 15kg and 40kg.

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Details for Vibration Damper
Total height 200mm
Overall diameter 135mm
Generator mount / inside dimensions 37mm
Mast mounting / external dimensions 37mm
Screws Mounted in rubber (stainless steel V2A)

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Vibration Damper

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